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Environmental Ecology Australia is dedicated to the Ecology and Biodiversity of National Parks, Crown Land, Heritage Land, Reserves, Forestry and Private land Holders. With unique methods, extensive plant and equipment, comprehensive programs and quality service backed by years of knowledge and experience, Environmental Ecology Australia has a range of services that assists Councils, Government Agencies, Conservation Groups, Property Owners and Non Profit Organizations and the general public.

Our services cover predominantly South Australia but we are Australia wide.

We have a range of consultants specializing in Conservation, Agronomy, Ecology, Animal Pest Control and Environmental Biodiversity

Environmental Ecology Australia provides a range of services including Weed Control, Animal Pest Control, Consultation and Program Development, Re-Vegitation, Sustainable Agricultural Practices, Property Development, Property  Maintenance, Road Side Services, Paddock slashing and a wide range of additional services.

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