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Environmental Ecology Australia began with a personal passion for Sustainable Agriculture with many years experience in agricultural science specializing in plant nutrition I had come to the realization that as a plant requires a balance in nutrition, as does the environment require balance this lead us to Ecology and  Biodiversity. 

I decided to develop the business in the direction of Environmental Pest Management. Environmental Ecology Australia is fully licenced and accedited in Weed Control and Animal Control and have applied years of expertise and training in both fields whilst maintaining an Agricultural ethos.

 We are committed to reducing Errosion, Improving Hydrology, Increasing Soil Carbons, Tackling Salinity, Restoring Native Bushland, Preserving flora and fauna, Increasing Yields, and improving the over all ecology between Agricultural land and Native Bushland properties.

 Environmental Ecology Australia would like to assist the property owners of tommorrow in creating a sustainable future for generations to come.

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